About our Facility

The North Texas Kettlebell Club was born inside Full Throttle Athletics in 2008. Owners, BJ & Kori Bliffert moved to Frisco, Texas with a dream of creating a facility that would help people through the struggles of changing their bodies, losing fat and becoming empowered through healthy lifestyle changes–a struggle they were personally all too familiar with. Both BJ and Kori were early adopters of the kettlebell and starting using the tool back in 2001 before the kettlebell was even a blip on the radar in the American fitness industry.

In the beginning, Kettlebell Sport and Kettlebell training was weaved into their personal training services, but as clients became more proficient, that competitive spark was lit and the burning to find a competitive outlet was in full flame.

At the time, it only made sense to separate the Kettlebell Sport athletes from the Personal Training clients. The Kettlebell Sport training at their Frisco, TX facility is a great extension of Full Throttle Athletics because it stays true to their mission of “Changing Bodies, Empowering People and Changing Lives.”

We were the first facility in Texas to focus on the sport aspect of Kettlebells (Girevoy Sport) and have a dedicated training area with all the equipment you need to become successful in the sport.

Our coaches are considered some of the most knowledgeable in the country. We have the only coaches in Texas with international coaching, training, and competitive experience.

Both primary Coaches are current members on the USA National Team and have represented the United States in the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) World Championships and the European Open Championships.

Curious if this is for you? Contact us to set up a time to meet the team and get an intro to the sport.